Tying the Knot: Weddings and Wedding Planning

Weddings are one of life’s few milestones that must be approached with the utmost seriousness; otherwise, the result can be catastrophic.

With this dire warning in mind, this website strives to provide would-be brides and grooms, (and their families), with advice on every aspect of wedding planning. This includes how to select the best wedding photographer, tips for choosing an unforgettable venue, and a host of other essential considerations.

Here, brides can find useful suggestions on how to obtain the wedding dress of their dreams, while anxious grooms can find some guidance on what to do, and what not to do, on the big day.

Vintage Wedding Ideas for a Timeless Look

16 Jan 2024

Although we all love the simplicity and clean lines of a contemporary wedding, there is something special about vintage wedding styles. That's because of a whole load of decades to draw inspiration from, with the hippie '60s, glamorous '50s, and roaring '20s ruling supreme. You could also get inspiration from past centuries, including the colorful Impressionist times and the romantic Victorian era. It all depends on your favorite historical period.

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Vintage Ideas to Inspire You

No matter your favorite historical moment, you have several ways to bring it to life in a wedding. For instance, pick a ceremony backdrop that suits your venue's architecture and incorporate antique furniture in the reception area. Playing up old-school drawings in your paper goods also adds a vintage touch to your wedding. Do you have any hairstyle influenced by a particular era in mind? That, too, can work great.

Another way of adding a vintage touch to your wedding is to borrow/hire a vintage car. Imagine being driven to the reception in a 1970s Rolls Royce, for instance. That alone would be enough to turn heads.


There is no wedding without jewelry, so it is important to dedicate an entire section of this write-up for the same. Whether you're buying a precious jewel or an antique engagement ring as your ''old thing,'' it is important to remember that you're wearing each piece for a reason, and it will be part of your wedding story. Have access to a vintage watch? Well, there are only a few better ways to add vintage to your wedding than wearing such a watch, which can easily be purchased online.

Plan Your Destination Wedding 2021

20 Jun 2021

There’s no denying the allure of a destination wedding, kilometres away from everything and everyone, is too much to pass. Finding a breathtaking location and having an intimate yet memorable ceremony is what makes this venture so unique.

Yet, we must consider that although it’s a mesmerising idea, destination weddings can be challenging to plan and execute.

So we’ve compiled a list of things to do for those eager couples waiting to tie the knot at their specified location in 2021.

Destination Wedding Convention

Planning your destination wedding requires a lot more work than a traditional wedding. If you add possible language barriers, travelling expenses and distance, your dream wedding can become complicated.

Before you start planning, you have to ask yourself questions like:

  • What kind of location are we looking for?
  • How many guests can we invite?
  • What type of food would we like to serve?

Firstly, you have to think about everything practically and discuss budgets and marriage licences with your partner. When looking for a place, think about the seasonal changes and local cuisines to save on expense.

The amount of guests depends on you and your budget, and utilising native flowers and plants can be a massive help.

If using a wedding planner is a question, then a definite yes is the answer. The planner helps with the nitty-gritty and takes some of the pressure off you and your partner.

Think of the Guests

Yes, we understand it’s your day, and you should get all the special treatment, but you need to provide some form of entertainment for your guests. Having your guests sit in their hotel rooms and enjoy online slots while they wait might be a letdown.

You can plan additional events so that they don’t have to hang around waiting for the big day. Having an itinerary with sightseeing tours, a welcoming party or interactive ventures can make the trip more worthwhile for your guests and provide a pleasant icebreaker.

Get the Legalities Out of the Way

A vital factor to consider when finding your ideal destination is what its marital laws are. Check out the area’s marriage requirements and whether it suits your wedding concept.

Some countries require a plethora of paperwork, and the amount of admin can be a headache. Educate yourself in advance so that it won’t be a hurdle when the time comes or so that you can change the destination if needed.

Getting a domestic marriage license and just having the ceremony abroad or in another state may be the most convenient, but that depends on you.

It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Having a wedding in a different locale comes with so much excitement, but it also comes with many risks. Taking out wedding insurance would be the safest thing to do as several things can be unpredictable. Insuring your funds and emotions is essential at this time, and it’s best to do it way in advance.

Also, consider unexpected expenses, multiple things you haven’t planned for may materialise, and you’ll be swept by the tide. It’s best to prepare for this eventuality if you want to have a remarkable experience.

Create the Guest List

15 Apr 2021

Plan the guest list well in advance and do it together with your spouse to be. The number of guests depends on the chosen venue. Include the immediate family and closest friends. Remember, it is your day, and you can invite whomever you wish to be part of your special day.

Create a Budget Wedding

8 Mar 2021

You can have a beautiful event without braking the bank. Usually the amount of people invited and the venue you choose will determine the budget. Save money also looking through sales of wedding dresses and decorations. Remember also to ask your friends and family for any help they can provide.

The Beauty is in the Details

1 Feb 2021

Whether you are creating a lavish event or a wedding on a budget, make sure that all the details are covered. Figure out the transportation, have emergency kits available for cosmetic touch-ups, keep extra candles at hand and don’t forget to have plenty of ice to keep the drinks cold.