Vintage Wedding Ideas for a Timeless Look

Although we all love the simplicity and clean lines of a contemporary wedding, there is something special about vintage wedding styles. That's because of a whole load of decades to draw inspiration from, with the hippie '60s, glamorous '50s, and roaring '20s ruling supreme. You could also get inspiration from past centuries, including the colorful Impressionist times and the romantic Victorian era. It all depends on your favorite historical period.

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Vintage Ideas to Inspire You

No matter your favorite historical moment, you have several ways to bring it to life in a wedding. For instance, pick a ceremony backdrop that suits your venue's architecture and incorporate antique furniture in the reception area. Playing up old-school drawings in your paper goods also adds a vintage touch to your wedding. Do you have any hairstyle influenced by a particular era in mind? That, too, can work great.

Another way of adding a vintage touch to your wedding is to borrow/hire a vintage car. Imagine being driven to the reception in a 1970s Rolls Royce, for instance. That alone would be enough to turn heads.


There is no wedding without jewelry, so it is important to dedicate an entire section of this write-up for the same. Whether you're buying a precious jewel or an antique engagement ring as your ''old thing,'' it is important to remember that you're wearing each piece for a reason, and it will be part of your wedding story. Have access to a vintage watch? Well, there are only a few better ways to add vintage to your wedding than wearing such a watch, which can easily be purchased online.

16 Jan 2024